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2005 Ngardmau Community Profile

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Total Population: 166

Population Breakdown [+]

Females: 71

Under 5 yrs: 10

5-9 yrs: 22

10-14 yrs: 21

15-19 yrs: 4

20-24 yrs: 6

25-34 yrs: 17

35-44 yrs: 44

45-54 yrs: 23

55-64 yrs: 10

65 yrs & up: 9

Ongedechull is the ancient name for Ngardmau. Ngercheluus mountain at 700 feet high is the highest point in Palau. Ngardmau is also known for it's spectacular waterfall known as "taki,".

Here in Ngardmau you'll find long and winding mangrove channels leading from the sea to the interior of the village. These mangroves create a rich environment for crabs and clams. The majestic, high flying Kedam, or frigate bird, is the state bird.

During prehistoric times and after Urdmang in Ngardmau state was settled, Edub er a lelech, a double faced monolith established the names and ranks of the council of chiefs of Urdmang. When Edubs front face called out each title, the back face echoed it back, thus creating two titles at a time. This went on several times until all the titles were created. Edub er a lelech is still sitting on a stone platform in Ngerurang, Urdmang and is still a sacred place to the people of Urdmang.
(Source: "Oltobed A Malt", Belau National Museum)

Youth Age 12-20 = 14