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2005 Ngatpang Community Profile

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Total Population: 464

Population Breakdown [+]

Females: 206

Under 5 yrs: 24

5-9 yrs: 58

10-14 yrs: 68

15-19 yrs: 40

20-24 yrs: 16

25-34 yrs: 64

35-44 yrs: 70

45-54 yrs: 72

55-64 yrs: 24

65 yrs & up: 28

The state of Ngatpang, located on the west side, sits on the fertile bay of Ngeremeduu. The ancient name of Ngatpang is Ngerdubech, or "the place where the coconut sprouted." An ancient tale relates that a woman gave bith to a coconut. The three holes at one end were the baby's face. She cared for her baby and placed it carefully outside her window close by. It began to sprout and grew into a tall majestic tree. The baby was named Dilmesiou, meaning "useful to everyone," since the coconut tree is one of the most usefull trees in the islands.

In days past, Ngatpang was known as a pottery-making village. Abundant clay found in the hillsides was fashioned into water storage jars and a unique clay lamp which burned coconut oil. The state flag shows this clay lamp surrounded by a type of vine found here.(Source: "Oltobed A Malt", Belau National Museum)

Youth Age 12-20 = 92