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2005 Ngchesar Community Profile

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Total Population: 254

Population Breakdown [+]

Males: 124

Females: 130

Under 5 yrs: 14

5-9 yrs: 28

10-14 yrs: 26

15-19 yrs: 12

20-24 yrs: 7

25-34 yrs: 33

35-44 yrs: 42

45-54 yrs: 36

55-64 yrs: 29

65 yrs & up: 27

Ngchesar state is located in southeastern Babeldaob and can be reached either by land or sea. A long and winding mangrove channel, the Shimizu river, leads into Ngersuul, a quiet hamlet.

"Ng tlkangel a uchul meng Beluu Ngersuul", a popular proverb, is a reminder that perserverance and hard work are what builds success, as that is what it took to build Ngersuul.

Ngchesar(Oldias)--Ochaio, the bird, was the child of a woman from the house of Ngerbis in Ngchesar state. The child lived there with his mother until one day, the woman took her son to the west to the state of Ngatpang. The child often went with the children of Ngatpang to swim in the local river. Each time the children dove underwater, the bird-child would never do it. And each time the children came up, one of them would be missing. What they did not know was that the bird was eating them. When the townspeople found this out, the mother felt so ashamed that she returned to Ngchesar with her son. After a while in Ngchesar, the bird turned into a spirit and became th god of the House of Ngerbis. Eventually, it became the god of the whole state of Ngchesar. Today, the Ochaio can be found in the sky in the form of a bird as well as in the sea in the form of a spotted eagle-ray. (Source: "Oltobed A Malt", Belau National Museum)

Youth Age 12-20 = 23