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2005 Peleliu Community Profile

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Total Population: 702

Population Breakdown [+]

Males: 346

Females: 356

Under 5 yrs: 57

5-9 yrs: 71

10-14 yrs: 90

15-19 yrs: 25

20-24 yrs: 29

25-34 yrs: 104

35-44 yrs: 122

45-54 yrs: 87

55-64 yrs: 61

65 yrs & up: 56

The state of Peleliu, Odesangel, is a coral island eight miles long and located 26 miles soutwest of Koror. It was the center of Japanese defenses in Palau during World War II. In the scene of intense combat between the Americans and Japanes in 1944, over 12,000 men lost their lives in a period of just over three months. War relics are still visible around the island. Numerous natural and man-made caves and hide-outs make it an exciting place to explore.

Peleliu is known for its special preparation of local apples, the rebotel. People from Peleliu are referred to as "menga telib," the apple-eaters. The phrase also means to accept the decisions of the chiefs.

It is told that the white pigeon named Belochel er a Ngeriab laid a number of golden eggs, which were believed to be pieces of traditional Palauan money. This creature belonged to Uodel Ngirabeliliou or the God of Peleliu. Underneath the pigeon is a red banner that signifies the blood of the people of Peleliu. The five golden stars represent the five hamlets of Peleliu state. (Source: "Oltobed A Malt", Belau National Museum)

Youth Age 12-20 = 78

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