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2005 Airai Community Profile

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Chief: Governor

Governor: Delegate

Total Population: 2723

Population Breakdown [+]

Males: 1719

Females: 1004

Under 5 yrs: 140

5-9 yrs: 177

10-14 yrs: 206

15-19 yrs: 185

20-24 yrs: 153

25-34 yrs: 552

35-44 yrs: 688

45-54 yrs: 382

55-64 yrs: 117

65 yrs & up: 123

Airai sits on the southernmost part of Babeldaob, the Republic of Palau's airport is located here. The oldest bai meeting house stands in Airai, constructed and decorated in the traditional style with pictograph carvings. It was originally built in the German times around 1890, and has been renovated and well-preserved.

Airai(Belias) The six rabbit-fish represent the six Chiefs and the sea shell(sang) with six fingers stand for the six hamlets of Airai State. (Source: "Oltobed A Malt", Belau National Museum)

Youth Age 12-20 = 336