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2005 Kayangel Community Profile

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Chief: Chief

Governor: Governor

Total Population: 188

Population Breakdown [+]

Males: 106

Females: 82

Under 5 yrs: 14

5-9 yrs: 18

10-14 yrs: 26

15-19 yrs: 2

20-24 yrs: 8

25-34 yrs: 46

35-44 yrs: 18

45-54 yrs: 18

55-64 yrs: 18

65 yrs & up: 20

An idyllic string of atolls fifteen miles north of Babeldaob, like shining jewels in the sea, is Kayangel State. Of these four pristine islands, only one has a village. Untouched beaches surround the islands and the reefs are well preserved and protected.

High quality pandanus trees grow here, and the women are skilled weavers, creating hand woven purses, hats and mats made from pandanus leaves. Kayangel grows many varieties of banana and has just as many ways to prepare them, with bananas fried in coconut oil being the most popular.

Kayangel State has one of the most sought after one of a kind banana trees in the island locally known as Meduch a Ngerel(sweet mouth). It is one of the major sources of nutritional diet of the people of Kayangel. (Source: "Oltobed A Malt", Belau National Museum)

Youth Age 12-20 = 10