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2005 Ngaraard Community Profile

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Total Population: 581

Population Breakdown [+]

Males: 234

Females: 347

Under 5 yrs: 36

5-9 yrs: 42

10-14 yrs: 73

15-19 yrs: 126

20-24 yrs: 22

25-34 yrs: 49

35-44 yrs: 74

45-54 yrs: 63

55-64 yrs: 40

65 yrs & up: 56

Ngaraard state spans both the east and west coast of northern Babeldaob. The people here can greet the sunrise from the east and bid farewell as it sets into the sea on the west. Ngaraard is home to a private girl's school, ancient stone paths and pristine beaches.

Ngaraard(Kerradel), the official flag of Ngaraard state is composed of a golden-yellow star slightly on a field of deep sky-blue background. Behind the star is a profound red stripe commencing from the bottom left corner and proceeding upright to the upper right corner of the flag. The star stands for the unity of Ngaraard state, and the five fingers of the star represent the five counties of Ngaraard. The stripe is an exhibition of the east and west coasts of Ngaraard striving for success. The blue background symbolozes the azure blue of the sky and ocean surrounding Ngaraard state.

The proverb, "a rengud a dokngei", or "together in heart and spirit", refers to the five hamlets of this village who work together as one.(Source: "Oltobed A Malt", Belau National Museum)

Youth Age 12-20 = 185