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2005 Ngarchelong Community Profile

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Total Population: 488

Population Breakdown [+]

Females: 222

Under 5 yrs: 44

5-9 yrs: 46

10-14 yrs: 62

15-19 yrs: 10

20-24 yrs: 14

25-34 yrs: 49

35-44 yrs: 74

45-54 yrs: 80

55-64 yrs: 38

65 yrs & up: 60

When the Chuab fell into the sea, the giant's body formed the islands and her head became Ngar-chelong, thus geographically and historically Ngarchelong is the head of Babeldaob. The expression, "melengmes era Ngarchelong" reminds us to respect the people from this village, because they come from a place formed by an important part of the body.

The image above is of a stone monolith from the Badrulchau site. The former name of the this site was Bai er a Ngerulchau. Legend claims that several gods were building a bai, or a meeting-house, for themselves on a plot of land called Ngerulchau. These gods could only work at night gathering rocks from all over Palau to be supporting posts for the bai. One of the gods wanted to play a practical joke on his friends so he took a piece of coconut husk and lit it. He threw the burning husk on the gound where it turned into a rooster and crowed. When the other gods heard the rooster crowing, they thought that it was daybreak so they left without finishing the bai. The site that remains is called Badrulchau, which literally means the rocks of Ngerulchau.(Source: "Oltobed A Malt", Belau National Museum)

Youth Age 12-20 = 52

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